The TTPAC Company is both a competition team and a pre-professional dance company that consists of talented dancers divided into 6 different age levels: Pee Wee, Mini, Small Fry, Petite, Junior and Senior dancers.

TTPAC dancers have competed both regionally and nationally at the United States Tournament of Dance, and have performed at Brooklyn Cyclones MCU Stadium in Coney Island as well as Hershey Park in Pennsylvania and an annual TTPAC Nutcracker ballet performance. TTPAC dancers have been accepted into LaGuardia High School and advanced in the Brooklyn Nets mini dance team.


Auditions are held at the beginning of the school semester or by appointment, if unable to attend, for potential company dancers. If accepted to join the TTPAC Company, dancers must commit to rehearsals on Sundays for competition season starting in January, as well as attending and performing in competitions from May until July. Please note that competitions are usually held outside the New York City area.

The audition consists of a 60 minute ballet class, across the floor exercises, a center combination that includes both upbeat and slow tempo movement, and an improvisational “free dance,” in which dancers will be able to move at their own discretion. With this audition, TTPAC hopes to locate dancers who are able to take direction, have promising technical ability, are artistically motivated, and have an enthusiastic, yet professional personality.